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7 Card Stud Rules

Seven-card stud differs dramatically from Texas Holdem and Omaha. Before cards are dealt, each seven-card stud player posts a fraction of a bet called an ante. Players are then dealt two cards face down and one face up.

The player holding the lowest-ranking exposed card is required to make a small bet, called the bring-in, to start the action. The player to the left of the bring-in has three options: fold, call the bring-in, or raise to a full bet. The next player in line has the same options, but if the first player to act raised to a full bet, the next player’s options are to fold, call the full bet, or raise again.

Players then receive three more face-up cards and one final card that’s dealt face down. There’s a round of betting after each card is dealt. In fixed limit games, the cost of bets and raises usually doubles with the fifth card (called Fifth Street).

The only exception to this is when an open pair appears on Fourth Street, when any player may make a double bet. As in most forms of poker, the best five-card high hand wins.

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